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The Way of the Bow

~truth, goodness and beauty~

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Greetings and Welcome to the community of people who like/love/adore/interested in kyudo and kyujutsu – Japanese archery.
Anyone who practices kyudo, who wishes to practice kyudo, who likes kyudo or who simply wants to know more about kyudo – is welcome.

Of course, like any other community ours have some rules (which can be revised if needed).

1) no abuse, no insults (racial, personal, whatever) – abusive posts and comments will be deleted and their authors get only one warning before they're banned from the community.

2) no off-topics. If you want to say something personal to another user, then say it in his/her livejournal or find another way to communicate (like e-mail, ICQ, etc). Here we discuss kyudo and everything related to kyudo, so keep it on-topic.

3) post large pictures OR large posts under LJ-cut. If possible, use a preview for large pictures hidden under lj-cut.

4) when you post to introduce yourself, do it properly, try doing something more than just "Hi, my name's ***, nice to meet you". Tell us about yourself, where you're from, your age, what you do – everything that you don't mind telling us about. (Off-topic posts like that are only allowed in introduction posts). And of course don't forget to tell us how you're related to kyudo, be it by simple curiousity, interest or practice.

5) no adds, no promoting other communities or sites unless it's related to kyudo.

6) showing us icons you've made is tolerated but don't abuse it. This is a kyudo community and not a kyudo icons community.

7) community's language is English but if you use kyudo terms – try using the Japanese words for them and, if it's needed, put the English translation in parentheses (e.g. use "yumi" instead of "japanese longbow"). It's also OK to ask if you don't know some terms. You can look up the most used terms available here.

8) use tags. It'll help you and other members to find topics you're looking for more easily.

9) try to not leave the subject line blank. Any post can have a name, not necessarily the "poetic" one – you're not asked to name a novel after all. Any post has a subject so use it. Subjects are as helpful as tags.


1) no topics on classical (European, American and other non-Asian) archery unless it's somehow related to kyudo (e.g. the comparison). There are other communities to talk about non-Asian archery.

2) avoid topics on any other Asian archery unless it's related to kyudo. Japanese archery had many influences from other Asian archery so... Just keep in mind that this community is about kyudo/kyujutsu/kyuba and any topic should be related to Japanese archery.

3) no topics on any other Japanese martial arts unless it's related to kyudo.

4) topics on manga/anime or Japanese movies/books are welcome if it's about kyudo. Kyudo is very popular in modern Japanese culture and many manga/anime (but less Japanese movies/books) characters practice it. So it can be interested to discuss how kyudo is showed through Japanese popular culture. But such topics should stay focused on kyudo and not on discussed manga/anime/movie/book's other aspects.

5) Any topic on zen is welcome even if the topic's visibly not related to kyudo. Kyudo is also called a "zen archery" and understanding zen can help in understanding kyudo essence.


Any topic is welcome if it's related in any way to kyudo. Abusive/insulting posts and comments are NOT tolerated and their author only get one warning before being banned. LJ-cut is required for large images/posts and previews for large pictures are advisable. Only zen topics are allowed to be without any "kyudo-related" restrictions.

Feel free to join.

Here's the list of some useful posts:
~ list of the most used terms in kyudo ~
~ list of books on kyudo ~
~ list of suppliers of kyudo equipment ~
~ list of useful links related to kyudo ~
Any member is welcome to expand those lists. Just write your additional information/source in comments to those posts and it'll be added to the lists.


Gift from sayaka_san:

Kyudo is Meditational Love.