Hanging of Mato at half distance

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Could someone help me?I think at 28 meters the ground to the center of mato is 27cm and has the diameter of 36 cm.
I would like to know how high from the ground to center should I hang a mato at half distance (14 meters)? how about 7 meters?
Is the target's diameter smaller as well at 14 meters? At 7 meters?

thank you!
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Yumi materials question

I've got a bamboo yumi from Yumi-Bows (their web site is down at the moment). I've had it for a couple of years, but only just started using it again regularly. However it is warping. I think it is from the humidity, because I'm using it at an outdoor range in eastern Pennsylvania in the summer. Given that I'm planning on practicing a lot, I thought I should get a yumi made from either fiberglass or carbon fiber.

Can anybody give me a rundown on the differences between yumi made from fiberglass and from carbon fiber? As to how they would affect my use.
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Beginner with a question.

Hello, I'm a Malaysian studying in Japan. I just started taking kyudo classes in my university so I am really, a beginner. I hope anybody can give me tips on how to improve my aim. You see, my arrows tend to go to the right of where I target. My class is now using the Mongolian Draw. So, does anybody know why my shots tend to go to the right and how to correct this problem? I'd really appreciate your help. Thanks!
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Hello, I am Joan from barcelona 21 years old and I begin with kyudo last year. I work with computers and next year wanna star university. would like to meet people who practice kyudo to share experinces and others...

So thats me, Joan.
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Hello to everyone within the Kyudou community. I am new to this group and LiveJournal as a whole. I signed up today. I am fairly new to all this but I hope to post tons in this group. I also have a flickr account with some kyudo pictures in america. Check out my userid or keyword kyudo and america. I have been practicing kyudo in america for about 9 years now.
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I was wondering if anyone here knows where to get a nice fiberglass boxw that isnt to expensive. I have been searching and they seem to run in the 400-600 dollar range. Since I would be using it for practice, does anyone know where I could get something cheaper than that?
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The state of "no-mind":

One of the most important things needed in kyudo practice is to achieve the state called "no-mind". In Daisetz T.Suzuki's book "Zen and Japanese Culture" this state is explained in the chapter devoted to swordsmanship. Despite the fact that the author only briefly mentions archery, his explanation of zen's role in swordsmanship is valid for kyudo as well, and for many other martial arts for that matter. So, here's an excerpt from this chapter:

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Hello, the name's Christina. 23 years old, female, lives in Tennessee. Now that I got the basics out of the way...

I've been going through the beginner steps of following the path of Shintoism, and even before then I've always wanted to learn Kyudo as a means of meditation. Unfortunately, living in Tennessee, there are no teachers where I live, so I'm going to have to wait until I can afford to move to Georgia (for college) in order to even begin my training. Still, I'd like to learn about it as much as I can from here and any resources I can get my hands on.

Thank you for having me.
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